About Us

f-br@nds is based out of Atlanta, Georgia -- we're committed to an uncomplicated design philosophy -- no branding, ever.  You'll never see our name plastered onto a shirt.  While there are so many brand's we love and want to show off, this is meant to be something different.  With this, you'll know it when you see it -- you'll feel good riding under the banner of your own flag.

I decided after years of searching for a mountain bike jersey that was both fashionable and functional to just make one myself.  The journey to launch this company has been long and costly, but I think it's been worthwhile.  There are so many options for the road cyclists, but as a mountain biker, I felt like I had been left out in the dark.  While I love a good zip-up road jersey and some spandex shorts while I'm out on the road, when I get into the flow and find myself in the backwoods, I want something different.  I'm an adventure junkie, lover of all things two-wheels, and just trying to experiment with new designs and subversive ideas to push this sport I love so much into a new era.  I hope you enjoy some of the ideas and designs brought forward through f-br@nds, regardless if you decide to purchase one of our jerseys or not.  I've designed everything here with the help of friends, family, and a team of artists from around the world -- all to which I owe a great deal of gratitude.  I don't really care what you wear on the trail, and I don't think anyone else does either.  I believe we should all be comfortable in what we wear and express ourselves through our choices.  With an attitude of self expressive style, we can have fun like we're kids again.


- Paul